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Not in America? Love Halloween? No problem.

As a UNC Chapel Hill student, Halloween meant going to a street called Franklin street pre-gamed and dressed in a costume. What’s awesome is that the whole purpose is to just look at other people’s costumes and maybe stop off at a bar. No special events required.  Walking up and down the heavily crowded street was enough fun for us.

And this guy

Last year was my first time missing out on the Franklin Shenanigans. Halloween in Oyama was modest at best. Last year’s costume was hasty and uninspiring: A generic hippie with a 99% sign in light of the Occupy Wall Street protests. But lets face it Japanese adult students don’t even know about the 99% let alone the children the Halloween week was aimed for. So by the end of Halloween week my kids decided I was Captain Jack Sparrow or some fortune teller from Tortuga on the Pirates of the Caribbean with a my mismatched jewelry and gypsie wrap…Shoganai. (-_-)

Fake scared cause my fortune saw it coming. FAIL.

Ok so when it comes to preparing a Halloween costume, I’m a bit めんろくさい AKA lazy about it. In the end, it wasn’t all bad. I got to wear jeans to work so it was a nice win. But I knew the next year was going to be better. This year, my new めんろくさい approach to finding a costume was googling characters who have articles of clothing I already own.

Occupy Strawberry Shortcake. もっともえ

So this year was the black version of Strawberry Shortcake. No one who saw me knew Strawberry Shortcake the character but love the actual strawberry shortcake so I lucked out and had more fun. I was very upstaged by some of my friends who dressed as One Piece characters. When in Japan, don’t mess with One Piece. You get cut.

One thing I will say is Roppongi is a major spot to enjoy Halloween. Some friends of mine went there and posted pictures. They were very similar to what Halloween was like in NC but on a larger and less regulated scale. Any large city is also good. I was in Omiya Halloween weekend and enjoyed the bars and clubs without a hitch.

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