Random Musings Worth ¢2


My first year here at Kamakura Joshi Dai is almost finished. It’s insane how much has happened during my first year as an ALT. I highly recommend foreign teacher with little or no educational backgrounds to start out at an Eikaiwa teacher to gain experience then ALT work.


You know you’re a teacher when you’re stalking Harajuku for stickers. Flying Tiger Copenhagen and Daiso are definitely the teacher stores. My shopping spools are nothing but stickers.


I finally updated my visa. I am good for another three years. Between AEON and Educational Network, Inc. getting a visa has been very simple for me. How is it some many others have such a teeth pulling time with this?


I have a new page! “Foodies” will act as my public page for all the delicious foods and food photography I come across. Most of the photos will be mine but occasionally I will post photos from other places and hopefully add to my list of places I want to travel. I admire how Japanese TV and tourism use famous and popular foods to gain potential tourists. I notice in America we use foods as an added bonus to a main attraction or site -Aside from Boston and their famous lobster or NYC and Chicago and their famous pizzas. However, my understanding of Japan’s geography is mapped by food. For example, Enoshima’s shirasu, or baby fish, Utsunomiya’s delicious gyoza, and Nikko’s manju, AKA sweet bean paste rolls. Now I’m hungry.




Shame on me for not giving attention to poor MisoP. I have many stories to share. But how to write and package them. Hmm. Must mull over this one for a bit. In the meantime, Halloween was an absolute success. Maybe I’ll start with that.




Looking for more ways to up my Japanese skills. I’ve been awful about listening and speaking but I’ve been texting friends and reading manga these days. At the very least my reading and writing will improve before I take the JLPT test. I’m also attempting to revamp my Lang-8 page.




It’s been a bit of a downer this month. It’s rainy season and we have already had a typhoon this past week. My energy levels have never been high when it rains so I hope to be up and peppy in July!



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