About MisoP

Tia Haygood speaking!

I am a Charlotte, North Carolina native interested in Japanese culture. I currently teach at a Kanagawa private school through Educational Network Inc. I enjoy using manga and video games to learn Japanese as well as chat with the local retirees in my neighborhood.

My hobbies include cuisine photography, writing and editing, politics, traveling, and obviously Japanese. More specifically, my Japanese interests are fashion and styling, food, education, travel, and both modern and traditional culture.

How misoPOW came up:

As an African-American, I’ve always been curious about living long-term in Japan but also a little hesitant living alone as a black gaijin. I spoke with several of my black peers in college and many had similar fears. I figured why not take the leap and explore for myself. The goal for my blog is to not only get other minorities interested and motivated to come to Japan but EVERYONE. It’s also a place for me to document my experiences as well and have a place to discuss any thoughts and concerns from myself or others.

I’m an ultimate noob when it comes to being a consistent blogger, my fun time waltzing through Japan supercedes my time writing.

You can look for me at some other sites:







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